Pushkar Kundu

welcome to creative

Hi my name is Pushkar Kundu and I am the founder of ”g2creative” I am blessed to born as an artist

I am a keen learner of art, my art journey began when I was 8year old.

The name "G2creative" comes from my parent name I'll tell you how both my parent name start from

"G" father (Gopal Chandra Kundu) and mother (Gita Kundu) that is how it becomes G2creative.

Over the next few decades my love was for drawing, painting, art and craft, since 2007my journey

started as an animator from 2011 I discover my love for creating beautiful and clean whiteboard

animation and this was a wonderful blend of my artistic skill as well as my animation skill, and I enjoy a lot doing this kind of work.

I have special passion for creating whiteboard animation and Explainer video.

I don’t know where I'm going yet but the journey excites me it’s not about us though, it’s about you.

Let's put the focus on your company. You want people to become familiar with your brands and

products. Let’s look together at what you want to achieve. Who’s your audience? What’s the core message?

What action do you want your viewers to take? Let’s pinpoint exactly what you want your marketing or

explainer video to do, then ensure every aspect of the video works toward helping you achieve that goal.